I recently went to see James for a healing session and I must say it was a wonderfully comfortable experience! The energy you receive working with James is at a very high vibration, I left feeling very grounded. Thank you James!!
Chantelle, Carleton Place

I had the pleasure of having several healing sessions with Jim, and each one always brought me to a relax state and resulted in my having less anxiety, stress and pain. After a serious car accident years ago, I’ve always had problems with neck, shoulder and back discomfort. Since having sessions with Jim, I have had relief I never thought would be possible.
Christine, Ottawa

James has a gift of being able to call in various healing energies. Before having a session with James, I had never believed in the idea of Angels; yet there was an unquestionable loving presence during the session that can only be described as ethereal beings. The experience brought me great clarity and a profound sense of peace.
Susie, Ottawa

“I had a beautiful session with James recently.” The presence of the energies was palpable and powerful and enabled exactly what I needed at that time. It helped me to move out some things that were ready to shift and it happened easily and gracefully. I left feeling strong, much lighter and more free. Many insights and messages were received throughout as well. Thank you!
Jaime, Ottawa

It is with fascinated pleasure that I provide this testimonial for Jim. I was a sceptic with regards to energy healing and was fortunate to have him gift me a session. I suffer from anxiety and depression. While I didn’t notice a change in my anxiety initially, within a short period, my depression was not as severe. As my depression lessened, my anxiety was none existent after about 6 months.
Kevin, Kanata

Since I have been having healing sessions with James, my chronic pain has diminished, and my diabetes is controlled with very little assistance from me or medication. I also had difficulty sleeping soundly at night, and since I have been seeing James I sleep much better and feel much rested when I awake.

Martine L.P., Low QC

Thank you for my recent energy healing session James – it was wonderful! I have done work with numerous practitioners and the energy you channel is very high vibrational. I will be returning for more sessions.
John, Ottawa

Jim, thank you so much for the distance healing. I slept really well without any pills and did not wake up with a feeling of total anxiety, a first in five days.
Nathalie, Chelsea

I appreciated the healing session and the various techniques used by Jim. The atmosphere was serene and I felt the energy flow through, different channels and areas. At one time, there was a sensation that overwhelmed me but then I felt it leave. A burden was lifted, it had been released. Jim’s use of crystals helped me during the session to heal a specific pain. The healing started with the session and continued on for a few days. I am grateful for Jim’s guidance, openness and gift to heal.
Genevieve, Rockland 

My crystal healing session with Jim was a unique experience for me. When I met Jim we talked about my move back to Ontario from British Columbia. It was important for me to settle down again in my home province and feel strong and assured that this was the right decision. Almost instantly, I felt strongly that I could trust in Jim.

The session began and only a few minutes later I started to feel very comfortable and light. Then a sense of travel in my mind overwhelmed me. Later, in my travels, I no longer was conscious of being simply another person on this planet. I had a surge of confidence and a beautiful sense of wonder filled my mind. My session brought me a refreshing strength and calmness that I feel even to this day.
Mike, Niagara Falls

Getting energy treatments from Jim is an opportunity for me to check in on my thoughts, feelings, and overall condition, and is always an interesting and relaxing experience. Jim is always able to put my mind and body at ease, allowing me to open up to new experiences and positive, healing results. To the curious and open-minded presently on a journey of healing, I highly recommend Jim’s unique and valuable services.
Colin, Ottawa

When things get rough in my life I reach into my pocket and my Tigers Eye Crystal gives me instant comfort. It helps me to realize that my life is heading in the right direction. It is my lucky charm and I am so glad that Jim chose this amazing stone to be with me!
Peter, Orleans

Jim has successfully performed healing treatments for me both in person and long distance over the last few years. I’m always impressed at how quickly I’m able to reach a place of inner peace and meditation during my treatments. These sessions have been powerful and have always provided me with amazing results physically and spiritually!
Constance, Barrhaven

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